Blossoming Brilliance: Think Academy’s Year-Round Spring Course For Grade 1

Grade 1 is pretty exciting! It’s the very first year of elementary school, after kindergarten. This is usually when kids are between 5 and 7 years old. In first grade, there are lots of new things to learn and explore. Here are some things that happen in first grade:

  • Reading and Writing: This is a big one! First graders learn their letters, how to sound them out, and how to put them together to make words. They also practice writing sentences and short stories.
  • Math: Math gets a bit more challenging in first grade. Kids learn to add and subtract, skip count, and recognize shapes. They might also start working with money and telling time.
  • Science: First grade is a time to explore the world around them! Students might learn about plants and animals, the weather, or the human body.
  • Social Studies: This is where kids learn about themselves, their families, their communities, and the world. They might learn about different cultures, holidays, or even how to be a good friend.

First grade is a fun and important year for building a strong foundation in learning. Is there anything specific you’d like to know about what happens in first grade?

Foster a Love for Learning – Join Think Academy’s Specialized Program for Grade 1 this Spring” By the stop of our Think Academy Grade 1 Year-Round Spring Course, students in Grade 1 will cover:

  • Addition and subtraction troubles, calculation techniques, and using parentheses.
  • Math problems that cope with guidelines, places, time and money.
  • Early publicity to algebra thru simple application troubles. They’ll also start to build their mathematical vocabulary.
  • Understand the symmetry and slicing of portraits thru hands-on operation, and master the counting technique of aircraft pix and stacked 3-dimensional pix.
Think Academy First Grade Year-Round Spring Course elegance times, expenses, and more
  • Total Classes: 20
  • Total Cost: $60 / magnificence, $1200 for all training
  • Class Size: 16 Kids
  • Class Duration: 1.Five hours
  • *Before enrolling in a Grade 1 Year-Round Spring Course, all students want to take our 1 – on – 1 Evaluation

How to Register

To determine which elegance level is the nice match in your toddler’s present day math competencies and mastering speed, we require that every toddler takes a 1-on-1 evaluation earlier than being located in a category.

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