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Class 3 | All Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board – Government of Punjab School Education Department offers a free textbook for the class 3 once during the academic year. For this category there are 8 textbooks for the class 3.

The Government of Punjab constituted a committee to revise the curriculum optimal and appropriate the children of our society. 

The committee emphasized its focus on the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) working in conjunction with the experts from Punjab Textbook Board and the working teachers. 

The committee made this decision keeping in mind the level of students and capacity of teachers, the environment we live in, and hours of learning during the academic year.

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Class 3 Punjab Textbook Free Download

Based on the prioritization of SLOs A textbook for English for Class 3 is created by the Punjab Textbook Board. It was evaluated by a Panel composed of International Reviewers. They’ve made this book an industry standard. The PTB experts PTB have also discovered the new aspects of creating an instructional book by working with PTB.

Therefore, this is an effort to help our teachers and students in line with the environmental and conditions within our culture. We welcome your suggestions to improve the system. You can leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. FREE DOWNLOAD



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Conclusion for Class 3:

In conclusion, Class 3 has been a crucial stage in our educational journey, marked by significant growth and learning. Throughout this academic year, we have delved into various subjects, building a foundation of knowledge that will serve as a springboard for future learning. From mastering fundamental mathematical concepts to exploring the wonders of science and language, each lesson has contributed to our intellectual development.

This class has not only equipped us with essential academic skills but has also fostered qualities such as curiosity, critical thinking, and teamwork. The challenges we’ve faced have been opportunities for growth, and the successes we’ve achieved are a testament to our dedication and hard work.

As we move forward to higher classes, let us carry the lessons learned in Class 3 with us. The friendships made, the knowledge gained, and the skills honed will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success in the academic journey ahead. Let us approach each new challenge with the same enthusiasm and determination that characterized our time in Class 3.

In closing, I express gratitude to our teachers, parents, and peers who have played a vital role in our academic journey. As we bid farewell to Class 3, we look forward to embracing new challenges and opportunities in the next academic year with enthusiasm and a commitment to continuous learning.

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