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Class 7 | All Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board- Government of Punjab School Education Department provides Free textbooks for classes 7 and 8 every year during the academic year. In this section there are 16 textbooks for the class 7.

In the year 2000, the Government of Punjab constituted a committee to revise the curriculum efficient and better suited for our students. 

The committee emphasized the Students Learning Results (SLOs) in collaboration with the experts from Punjab Textbook Board and the working teachers. This was done with the students’ levels in mind as well as the capacity of teachers. the environment we live in, and hours of learning in the academic year.

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English Class 7 Punjab Textbook

Based on prioritized SLOs A textbook for English for Class 7 is designed by the Punjab Textbook Board. It was vetted by a group comprised of International Reviewers. 

They’ve made this book a standard textbook. The PTB experts PTB have also uncovered the new aspects of creating an educational textbook through working with PTB.

Therefore, this is an effort to help our teachers and students as per the context and conditions within our culture. We would like your suggestions to improve the quality of this program. Send your suggestions to the comment box at the lower right. Click HERE for FREE DOWNLOAD


Certainly! Here’s a sample conclusion for a Class 7 academic year:

“As the academic year for Class 7 comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey of growth and discovery that has unfolded. This year has been a pivotal chapter in the educational odyssey of our students, marked by intellectual exploration, personal development, and the cultivation of essential skills.

The curriculum provided by [Insert School Name or relevant educational authority] has served as a robust framework, challenging students to expand their knowledge across a diverse array of subjects.

The dedication and expertise of our educators have played a crucial role in shaping the minds of these young learners. We express our sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts of our teachers, whose passion for education has ignited a thirst for knowledge within our students.

Throughout the academic year, students have not only excelled in their studies but have also demonstrated commendable qualities such as resilience, teamwork, and creativity. The friendships formed, challenges overcome, and lessons learned have collectively contributed to a holistic and enriching educational experience.

As we bid farewell to Class 7, we do so with a sense of pride in the achievements of our students. Their academic accomplishments, coupled with the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, position them well for the challenges that lie ahead.

To the students, we commend your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for learning. As you transition to the next phase of your educational journey, carry with you the knowledge, values, and experiences gained during this significant year. Embrace the opportunities that await you, and continue to strive for excellence in all your endeavors.

In conclusion, the Class 7 academic year has been a stepping stone towards academic excellence and personal growth. We extend our warmest wishes to the students for continued success and look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will undoubtedly make in the future.

Congratulations on completing this chapter of your education, and may your future endeavors be filled with even greater achievements and fulfillment.”

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