Echo Burning – Jack Reacher Book 5 by Lee Child

Echo Burning – Jack Reacher Book 5 by Lee Child. Jack Reacher finds trouble in Texas in the fifth novel of Lee Child’s New York Times bestseller series. The adventurous nature and awe-inspiring personality of Reacher takes him to Texas which is a state in America. 

He’s wandering around in the hot deserts of Texas and is able to explore the state. There’s nothing to do aside from the two-lane blacktop and the road of Carmen Greer. 

He enjoys hitting Ch-hitching throughout the desert. Carmen Greer tells a crazy story about her husband’s ear. She reminisces about details about her home and family and tells her companion on the road. She draws out a plan for the future and Reacher is to be a element of the plan.

The method of travel the choice they’ve made, can end up costing their lives since hitch hiking isn’t an efficient method of travel. The echo that is burning pursues Jack Reacher and He reaches the place he’s most needed.

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Jack Reacher concludes during the trip that one is fortunate when someone opens the doors to his plush carriage to allow you to enter. 

This is due to the scorching heat will make you a living hell when you spend a an extended period of time outside the carriage. He’s navigating the scorching heat that is Texas summer. 

One thing he wants to do is to continue on the road until he is rescued by someone who provides him with a lift in an air-conditioned vehicle. The only thing that bothers him is the person who will save him from this terrible situation.

The good news is that luckily, Jack Reacher is able to meet Carmen. She’s all by herself and driving Cadillac. Most importantly she is gorgeous beyond all imagination. 

The three characteristics are in her, beauty, wealth and wealth. She is married, and has a daughter, and her husband is currently in jail. 

Her husband is brutal and will beat her repeatedly for no reason. He has become accustomed to these stories in that region of America. The murders, violence lying, jealousy, hatred and prejudice are all unique to this region of the country. Lee Child brings out the most threatening issues with His Echo burning.

The tale of the woman is what drives Jack Reacher because all the people who surround her are cruel selfish, greedy and eager to take everything they can from her and her infant. Even her family members are hostile towards her. 

Jack Reacher is the only one on earth to aid her in this difficult circumstance. Jack is determined to do his best to set the right course for the young bride and her baby girl. Inquiring into the lives of others is his favorite pastime.

One of the well-wishers of Carmen suggests she murder her husband, who is due to be released from jail in the near future. Jack Reacher promises to aid her to get out of her plight. 

The violence rages in the town. Sloop Greer is shot dead by a person. The police are able to arrest his wife Carmen for the murdering her husband. As he investigates the case, he discovers the most gruesome details, human sufferings and political ills.

A clear and straightforward tale about Echo burning written by Lee Child that goes deep into the psychology of a human being. This is the psychology of abuse as well as the need to retaliate. Echo The Burning Of Lee child is sure to satisfy your craving for suspense and excitement.

The Blue Moon  is the kind of explosive thriller only Lee Child could write and only Jack Reacher could survive, a heart-racing page-turner no suspense fan will want to miss.

About Author

Lee Child is of the most renowned authors of heroic tales. The author was raised in Coventry was raised in Birmingham and now lives in New York. . . Lee is one of the recipients of numerous awards, the most recent being Author of the Year award at the British Book Awards. Lee Child is a more artist than a mere writer. Lee Child paints his characters like a legend and is brimming with life.

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  • Publisher: Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers, a division of Random House Group) Random House Group) (April 2 2001)
  • Language: English
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