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It is the Punjab School Education Department provides a free Islamic Studies Class 1 PDF Based on the single national Curriculum at the start of every academic year. 

In the class 1 there are three books that include Islamic Studies Grade 1, English Grade 1 English Grade 1 Mathematics Grade 1 General Knowledge Grade 1 based on a single-nation syllabus (Punjab Textbook Board). Scroll down for the Islamic Studies grade 1 textbook for free available in pdf formats.

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It is well-known that education is an important component of building a nation. A common curriculum throughout the country is a continuous objective of all segments of society. 

The present government has made this its main goal. In the creation of The Single National Curriculum about Islamic Studies Class 1 will be the culmination of One Nation’s dream.

The syllabus of Islamic Studies Class 1 PDF Based on a single National Curriculum

The Punjab School Education Department has its syllabus to Islamic Studies Class 1 students that is based on the single nation Curriculum. A syllabus of Islamic Studies Grade 1 is listed below.

  1. Nazra Quran Majeed
  2. Hifaz e Quran
  3. Terjama
  4. Duaein
  5. Tuheed
  6. Nabowat
  7. Ibadat
  8. Masjid
  9. Azan
  10. Namaz
  11. Hamare Piyare nabi hazrat Muhammad SAW
  12. Ache ikhlaq
  13. Ambya Karan

Based on the prioritization of SLOs the textbook for Islamic Studies for Class 1 was designed in collaboration with the Punjab Textbook Board. An Panel of International Reviewers reviewed the Islamic Studies Grade 1 book. The PTB team of experts PTB is also come up with the idea of creating the Islamic Studies educational textbook for Class 1 by working together with PTB.

Get it now! Islamic Studies Class 1 PDF Based on the Single National Curriculum

Here’s a hyperlink where you can download your copy of the Islamic Studies Grade 1 SNC PDF book at no cost.

Download ISLAMIC Studies Grade 1


Making one Islamic Studies Class one textbook is a goal for our teachers and students according to the needs in our communities. However, your valuable suggestions are required to improve the quality of the textbook. Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comments box below.

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