Make Me – Jack Reacher Book 20 by Lee Child

NEW NY TIMES BEST SELLER “Named one of the top books of the year BY LA Times The GUARDIAN,AND SUSPENSE magazine. * Stephen King calls Jack Reacher “the most popular and memorable series character”–and this time he’s back with the masterful new thriller from Lee Child. “Why is this town called Mother’s Rest?” That’s all Reacher is looking for. 

However, nobody will answer Reacher the truth. It’s a tiny spot hidden in thousands of square miles of wheat fields, an abandoned railroad station, quiet and attentive individuals, and a worried woman identified as Michelle Chang, who mistakes the man for someone else: her missing companion in an investigation that she believes may have begun small, and later turned deadly.

Make Me – Jack Reacher Book 18 by Lee Child – Reacher isn’t sure where to go, and has all the time to reach there, but there’s something special about Chang . . . He then joins her and begins asking about. He wonders: How dangerous is this? 

Then he’s soon thrown into a race to the death across LA, Chicago, Phoenix as well as San Francisco, and through the dark reaches of the internet, fighting against criminals and assassins each step of the way. And then back to the place he began within Mother’s Rest, where he has to face the most horrific nightmare he can imagine.

The option of leaving would have been much easier. But, as with all Reachers, his rule is that if you want me to stop, you’ll need to convince me.

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Praise for Make Me

“Child’s Reacher series has hit Book No. 20 with a loud roar of hilarious joy. Everything, beginning with Reacher’s wit for negative news, is the same as before. . . . The big guy is certainly in the ascendancy. The writer that writes on him also on the upswing.” –Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Another winner . . . There’s a reason why Child is considered the best of the best in the thriller genre: He can take all these strange elements and cliches and make them compelling and original.”–Associated Press

“A superb thriller.” New York Daily News Daily News

“Child’s complete command of the story makes this thriller work brilliantly.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“I’ve read every one of Lee Child’s books. Perhaps there’s something amiss with my reading. But I can’t wait for the twenty-first.”–Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker

“[The Reacher series] is the gold standard currently within the genre. . . . “In “Make me Lee Child delivers another Jack Reacher specialty; the complete smash.” — Dayton Daily News

“Child offers wacky plots that are brimming with dialogue, fascinating information on fascinating subjects, and cleverly created suspense. The thing that makes us return to the show–in the millions — is the chance to be as the giant who is at the heart of it all.” — The Oregonian

“A Dark thriller . . . Lee Child’s Make Me, the twentieth in his hugely popular Jack Reacher series, delivers precisely the kind of story readers anticipate from the perennial bestseller author: intriguing characters, a compelling plot and thrilling action. . . . Readers won’t be disappointed.”–Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Jack Reacher has returned. . . . Readers new to this series will find this book a good starting point, and fans will be pleased to see Jack again.”LibraryReads (Top Ten Pick)

“The reigning champ ups the ante.” –Booklist (starred review) the Booklist(starred Review)

Make Me – Jack Reacher Book 18 by Lee Child is the kind of explosive thriller only Lee Child could write and only Jack Reacher could survive, a heart-racing page-turner no suspense fan will want to miss.

About Author

Make Me – Jack Reacher Book 18 by Lee ChildLee Child is the author of twenty New York Times bestseller Jack Reacher thrillers, eleven of which have made it to the #1 spot. The books have all been adapted for motion-picture productions of major importance and the first one, Jack Reacher, was inspired by The One Shot

International rights for the Reacher series have been sold in over a hundred countries. Lee Child is from England also a former TV director Lee Child lives in New York City. This text refers to an alternative kindle edition.

Book detail

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