Murder at Farrington Hall Book 1 By Ann Sutton

The prestigious Lady Dorothea Dorchester – Dodo to her buddies is a shrewd observer of style and crime. Not a very good in shape for romance, but adept in sleuthing, she navigates the maze of high society with talent and style. 

When she together with her sister Lady Diantha are invited to a celebration in Farrington Hall they eagerly take delivery of. The weekend is full of promising instances until tragedy strikes. 

A robbery outcomes in a homicide, and Dodo is contacted from her host own family to aid the police who aren’t pleased to have a non-expert intervening. Will she be able to convince them and get the case solved?

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Here are the main chapters of Murder at Farrington Hall Book 1:

  • Chapter 1: The Invitatio

Lady Dorothea Dorchester, known as Dodo to her friends, receives an invitation to a weekend party at Farrington Hall, the grand estate of Lord and Lady Ashcroft. Dodo is a young widow with a keen eye for observation and a talent for solving mysteries. She is eager to escape the London social scene and attend the party, hoping for a respite from the tedium of her life.

  • Chapter 2: Arrivals and Introduction

Dodo arrives at Farrington Hall, along with her sister, Lady Diantha. They are introduced to the other guests, a mix of aristocrats, socialites, and eccentrics. Among them are the charming but secretive Lord Ashcroft, the glamorous and aloof Lady Ashcroft, the brooding and enigmatic Mr. Wickham, and the vivacious and flirtatious Miss Cavendish.

  • Chapter 3: A Theft and a Revelation

During a card game, a valuable necklace belonging to Lady Ashcroft goes missing. The guests are shocked and suspicious, and the atmosphere at the house becomes tense. Dodo, intrigued by the mystery, begins to make her own observations and inquiries. She discovers that each guest has their own secrets and motives.

  • Chapter 4: Murder Most Foul

The next morning, one of the guests is found dead in their room, murdered. The victim is Miss Cavendish, and her death throws the house into chaos. The police are called, and Inspector Hawthorne arrives to investigate. He is a gruff and no-nonsense detective who is skeptical of Dodo’s involvement in the case.

  • Chapter 5: Secrets and Suspect

Dodo, determined to find the killer, continues her investigation. She interviews the guests, uncovering their hidden agendas and past misdeeds. She also learns about the history of Farrington Hall, which holds its own dark secrets.

  • Chapter 6: A Deadly Trap

As Dodo gets closer to the truth, she puts herself in danger. The killer, desperate to protect their identity, tries to frame Dodo for the murder. Dodo must use her intelligence and cunning to escape the trap and expose the real culprit.

  • Chapter 7: The Showdown

Dodo gathers the remaining guests in the grand hall of Farrington Hall. She confronts them with her deductions, revealing the killer’s motive and opportunity. The truth is shocking, and the killer is finally brought to justice.

  • Chapter 8: Epilogue

The weekend at Farrington Hall comes to an end, but the experience has changed Dodo forever. She has faced her fears, used her talents, and brought a killer to justice. She returns to London with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to continue solving mysteries.

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Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the sector of reading at the age of 10. Ann Sutton wasn’t the same. She devoured each certainly one of Christie’s novels she should locate. Mysteries remain her preferred class to at the present time, consequently it only made experience that she’d eventually write her own.

The circle of relatives changed into raised and born from England, Ann graduated university with honors, both in Education in addition to French. During her time abroad, teaching English in France she were given to recognise the affection of her existence, her Californian husband. Wed in London after which they relocated to California following her commencement.

Along with their growing family, they moved throughout at some stage in the USA, subsequently settling within the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

After experimenting with writing over time, Ann in the end commenced in critical writing whilst her son commenced center school. Covid lockdowns compelled her to pursue her writing an awful lot more significantly, and accordingly changed into born the most-vendor Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Up so far, extra than 100, 000 copies had been bought or examine thru KU.

You can analyze information regarding Ann Sutton at annsuttonauthor.Com.

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