Murder at The Races Book 3 By Ann Sutton

It’s royal race day at Ascot 1923. Lady Dorothea Dorchester, Dodo, has been invited by her former acquaintance, Charlie, to an special gathering in a secluded field with the extra advantage of assembly the Queen and King. 

Charlie appears to be interested by extra than just friendship, while an murder disrupts his plans. The sufferer is a few of the visitors of the box, and Dodo isn’t able to resist looking around. If the Chief Inspector Blood from Scotland Yard is assigned to the case, sparks ignite between them. 

Chief Inspector Blood and Dodo previously worked collectively previously on a case and he appreciates her assist in handling the troublesome upper-class suspects. What occurs to poor Charlie? 

Dodo willfully works to discover the cause of the thriller that might be rooted inside the beyond. Do they have got the ability to discover the offender before they do?

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While I cannot definitively list the main chapters of “Murder at the Races” by Ann Sutton due to its unavailability (only an expected publication date in 2024), based on common mystery structures and Ann Sutton’s previous works, here’s a possible breakdown:

Part 1: Setting the Stage for Intrigue

  • Chapter 1: A Thrilling Invitation: Introduces Dodo Dorchester, her involvement in the world of horse racing, and an invitation to a prestigious racing event. Excitement mingles with subtle hints of potential conflicts or underlying tensions.
  • Chapter 2: A Cast of Jockeys and Jinxes: Introduces key characters like jockeys, trainers, owners, and socialites at the event, each with their own ambitions, rivalries, and perhaps hidden secrets.
  • Chapter 3: A Dark Horse Emerges: An unsettling incident or discovery introduces an element of danger and foreshadows the looming murder.

Part 2: Murder Disrupts the Derby

  • Chapter 4: Death Under the Gallops: During the main race or a related event, a prominent figure is found murdered, throwing the celebrations into chaos and sparking suspicion.
  • Chapter 5: Uncovering Hidden Agendas: Dodo embarks on her investigation, interviewing suspects, uncovering alibis, and delving into the victim’s personal and professional life.
  • Chapter 6: Secrets in the Stables: Dodo explores the hidden world of the stables, uncovering rivalries, financial pressures, and past feuds that could harbor motives.

Part 3: Unveiling the Culprit

  • Chapter 7: The Odds Begin to Shift: Dodo connects seemingly disparate clues, revealing alibis that crumble, hidden connections between suspects, and the true motive behind the murder.
  • Chapter 8: A Showdown at the Finish Line: In a dramatic climax, Dodo confronts the killer in a fittingly racing-themed setting, exposing their actions and bringing them to justice.
  • Chapter 9: Justice Served, Victory Claimed: The mystery is solved, the culprit is apprehended, and a sense of justice prevails, perhaps with a touch of redemption or closure for characters affected by the crime.


  • Chapter 10: Reflections and New Horizons: Dodo reflects on the experience, the importance of truth and justice, and perhaps hints at future adventures beyond the racetrack.

Remember, this is purely speculative based on common mystery tropes and limited information. The actual chapters and plot details might differ significantly when the book is released.

If you have any further information about the book’s plot or specific events, I might be able to provide a more tailored breakdown.

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Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the world of studying at the age of 10 years vintage. The lady wasn’t the same. She devoured every one in all Christie’s books that she may want to get her hands on. Mysteries stay her maximum cherished category to these days, consequently it simplest made feel that she’d finally create my own.

The family turned into raised and born from England, Ann graduated college with honors: Education in addition to French. While overseas, she taught English in France she were given to know their Californian husband. He was married in London after which moved to California following her commencement.

Together with their expanding own family, they hopped throughout during the USA, subsequently settling in the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

While experimenting with writing at some point of time, Ann in the end began in extreme writing whilst her son elderly in the middle of college. Covid lockdowns forced Ann to write a great deal extra seriously, and as a consequence came the great-selling Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Since its inception, over 100 000 copies had been bought or study on KU.

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