Murder Goes Jazz Book 10 By Ann Sutton

Murder Goes Jazz Book 10 By Ann Sutton – The maximum famous American jazz organization, simply in New Orleans. A hidden birthday party of “bright younger ones” placed in the city’s East End. If murder takes the birthday party down is Dodo find out the culprit previous to Scotland Yard? Or is she one of the victims?

When a famend New Orleans jazz band arrives at the beaches of Britain’s warm summer sun to perform at a shady jazz amassing in a deserted warehouse,

Dodo is more than thrilled. The jubilant temper takes an sudden flip whilst a shocking crime takes area just beneath her nostril.

With her sharp intellect and captivating manner, Dodo dives into the investigation, delving into an array of clues, reasons and feasible suspects. As the roiling tide of suspicion rises and falls, Dodo have to navigate the intriguing and demanding realm of jazz, earlier than the assassin hits a hovering final note.

Shut the blinds, get your favored beverage and relax to this interesting thrilling Golden Age cozy mystery today!

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While I don’t have access to the complete contents of “Murder Goes Jazz” by Ann Sutton, I can offer a possible breakdown of the main chapters based on the available information and common mystery novel structure:

Part 1: Setting the Scene

  • Chapter 1: A Jazzy Invitation: Introduces Dodo Dorchester and her involvement with the arrival of a famous New Orleans jazz band in London. The excitement of the event is contrasted with subtle hints of unease or potential conflicts.
  • Chapter 2: A Clandestine Gathering: The exclusive jazz party takes place in a hidden location, introducing key characters like musicians, socialites, and potential suspects. Secrets and hidden agendas begin to surface.
  • Chapter 3: A Discordant Note: The murder occurs during the party, shattering the festive atmosphere and plunging everyone into suspicion.

Part 2: The Investigation Begins

  • Chapter 4: Unsolved Harmonies: Dodo delves into the victim’s life, uncovering rivalries, hidden relationships, and past conflicts among the guests and musicians.
  • Chapter 5: Motives and Melodies: Interviews with suspects reveal their motivations, alibis, and potential connections to the victim, creating a web of conflicting stories.
  • Chapter 6: A Dangerous Rhythm: As Dodo gets closer to the truth, she faces danger and attempts to thwart the killer’s plans. The stakes rise as she uncovers deeper secrets and hidden connections.

Part 3: Unmasking the Killer

  • Chapter 7: The Final Chorus: Dodo puts together the clues, revealing inconsistencies and red herrings. She identifies the true culprit and their motive, connecting the dots between the music, the victim, and the suspects.
  • Chapter 8: A Showdown Under the Spotlight: In a dramatic climax, Dodo confronts the killer, exposing their actions and bringing them to justice. The truth is revealed, and the mystery is solved.

Part 4: Resolution and Aftermath

  • Chapter 9: A Haunting Melody: Dodo and the other characters face the emotional impact of the events. The community grapples with the aftermath of the murder.
  • Chapter 10: A New Tune Begins: Dodo reflects on her experiences and looks ahead to future adventures, perhaps hinting at the next mystery to come.

Remember, this is just a possible structure based on common elements in cozy mysteries. The actual chapter titles and content might differ in the book.

I hope this helps! If you have any additional information about the book’s plot or specific events, I can try to tailor the chapter breakdown further.

Product information
  • Publisher: Wild Poppy Publishing (September 15, 2023)
  • Publication date: September 15, 2023
  • Language: English
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • Typesetting stronger: Not Enabled
  • X-Ray: Not Enabled
  • Word Wise: Not Enabled
  • Sticky notes: Not Enabled
Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the sector of studying on the age of 10. The girl wasn’t the same. She wolfed every considered one of Christie’s books that she should locate. Mysteries remain her most loved style even to at the present time – therefore it most effective made sense to create my own.

Growing up from England, Ann graduated university with honors, both in Education in addition to French. While overseas, she taught English in France she became acquainted with the love of her existence, her Californian husband. Wed in London after which moved to California following her commencement.

Along with their growing family, they hopped across for the duration of the United States, subsequently settling on the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

While experimenting with writing in the course of many years, Ann subsequently started out in full-on writing while her youngest began center faculty. Covid lockdowns compelled her to pursue her writing tons extra critically, and thus got here the first-class-promoting Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Since its inception, over 100 000 copies were purchased or examine on KU.

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