Murder on The Med Book 7 By Ann Sutton

Murder on The Med Book 7 By Ann Sutton – Dodo has been invited be a part of Rupert’s circle of relatives at Christmas. What might be wrong?

Following the trauma of her previous case, Dodo is relieved even as Rupert shows that she spend this Christmas in Knightsbrooke Priory. The week starts offevolved with some of promise until Rupert’s mother,

Adelaide, dies inside the center of the Christmas Eve meal. She’s ninety three years vintage, and the entire family believes it’s miles a natural dying, however some issue is off to Dodo who takes advantage of the surprise of the moment to make a quick evaluation on the deceased body

Certain signs and symptoms lead her to complete that Adelaide has been killed However, the information is not well acquired.

With own family skeletons from multiple families to rumble inside the closets, the party week is short slipping away and Dodo is concerned that the circle of relatives of Rupert will now not take delivery of her intrusion. How can she remedy the issue and regain their accept as true with?

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Information about the main chapters of “Murder on the Med” by Ann Sutton. While the book exists and is part of the Dodo Dorchester Mystery series, detailed plot summaries or chapter breakdowns are not yet available online.

However, based on the title and common structures of cozy mysteries, we can speculate on the possible main chapters:

Part 1: Idyllic Setting, Dark Undercurrents

  • Chapter 1: Grecian Getaway: Introduces Dodo Dorchester on her annual Greek holiday, escaping the London social scene and seeking relaxation. The idyllic setting of the Mediterranean contrasts with subtle hints of tension or potential conflicts.
  • Chapter 2: A Cast of Vacationers: Introduces the other guests on the holiday, a mix of tourists, locals, and perhaps some familiar faces from Dodo’s past. Secrets and hidden agendas begin to surface among the seemingly carefree group.
  • Chapter 3: A Troubled Ex-Pat: Dodo becomes involved with a troubled British ex-pat living on the island, uncovering their mysterious past and potential threats.

Part 2: Murder Strikes on Paradise

  • Chapter 4: Death Under the Sun: The ex-pat is found murdered, shattering the peaceful atmosphere and plunging everyone into suspicion. The idyllic holiday takes a dark turn.
  • Chapter 5: Motives and Alibi Games: Dodo embarks on her investigation, interviewing guests and uncovering hidden grudges, past connections to the victim, and conflicting alibis.
  • Chapter 6: Secrets of the Island: As Dodo delves deeper, she uncovers secrets about the island’s history, local conflicts, and hidden connections between the guests and the victim.

Part 3: Solving the Mystery

  • Chapter 7: Putting the Pieces Together: Dodo connects the clues, revealing inconsistencies in alibis, hidden motives, and the true identity of the killer.
  • Chapter 8: A Confrontation by the Aegean: In a dramatic climax, Dodo confronts the killer amidst the beautiful scenery, exposing their actions and bringing them to justice.
  • Chapter 9: Justice Served, Closure Found: The mystery is solved, the culprit is apprehended, and Dodo finds some form of closure and peace before returning to London.


  • Chapter 10: Reflections and New Horizons: Dodo reflects on the experience, the importance of justice, and perhaps hints at future adventures beyond the Mediterranean.

Remember, this is purely speculative based on common mystery tropes and the limited information available. The actual chapters and plot details might differ significantly when the book releases.

I hope this helps! If you have any further information about the book’s plot or specific events, I might be able to provide a more tailored breakdown.

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Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the notable worldwide of studying at the age of 10. The female never have become the equal. She gobbled each really considered one of Christie’s novels she ought to get her fingers on. Mysteries stay her favorite fashion even to nowadays – therefore it simplest made sense to create my very own.

Growing up inside England, Ann graduated university with honors, each in Education as well as French. While she changed into remote places, she taught English in France she have become familiar with the love of her life, her Californian husband. He become married in London after which they relocated to California following her commencement.

Along with their developing family, they hopped throughout inside the United States, sooner or later deciding on the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

After experimenting with writing over a few years, Ann eventually commenced out in complete-on writing while her youngest elderly within the center of university. 

Covid lockdowns driven Ann to jot down to a higher diploma and, as a stop end result, changed into born the maximum-provider Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Up so far, more than one hundred, 000 copies were provided or look at via KU.

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