Murder on The Moors Book 4 By Ann Sutton

Murder on The Moors Book 4 By Ann Sutton Dodo has been invited be part of Rupert’s circle of relatives at Christmas. What might be incorrect?

Following the trauma of her previous case, Dodo is relieved even as Rupert suggests that she spend this Christmas in Knights Brooke Priory.

The week starts off evolved with a number of promise till Rupert’s mom, Adelaide, dies inside the center of the Christmas Eve meal. She’s 90 three years antique, and the complete own family believes it is a natural loss of life,

However some problem is off to Dodo who takes advantage of the surprise of the moment to make a brief assessment on the deceased body. Certain symptoms and symptoms lead her to finish that Adelaide has been killed However, the information isn’t always nicely received.

With circle of relatives skeletons from multiple households to rumble within the closets, the birthday celebration week is short slipping away and Dodo is involved that the circle of relatives of Rupert will not take delivery of her intrusion. How can she remedy the issue and regain their be given as actual with?

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although “Murder on the Moors” is listed as Book 4 in “A Dodo Dorchester Mystery” series by Ann Sutton, the book hasn’t been released yet. It’s expected to publish later in 2024, so detailed plot summaries or chapter listings aren’t yet available.

However, based on Ann Sutton’s previous works in the series and common structures of cozy mysteries, we can speculate on the possible main chapters:

Part 1: A Moorland Retreat with Hidden Intrigue

  • Chapter 1: Seeking Refuge on the Moors: Introduces Dodo seeking solace and escape from London life by visiting her cousins on the remote and atmospheric Dartmoor.
  • Chapter 2: A Reunion and Unease: Introduces Dodo’s family and other guests gathered for a gathering, creating a sense of community while hinting at potential conflicts or secrets.
  • Chapter 3: An Unwelcome Arrival: The arrival of an unexpected or disliked guest disrupts the tranquility, sparking tension and raising suspicion.

Part 2: A Foggy Disappearance and Murder

  • Chapter 4: Lost in the Moor: During a group expedition shrouded in the notorious Dartmoor fog, a guest mysteriously disappears.
  • Chapter 5: Presumed Dead, Trapped by Fog: The discovery of the vanished guest’s belongings suggests foul play, but thick fog isolates everyone on the estate.
  • Chapter 6: Murder Suspects Emerge: With no access to outside help, suspicion falls on the remaining guests, each with their own motives and secrets.

Part 3: Unveiling the Truth on the Moors

  • Chapter 7: Delving into Dark Secrets: Dodo, despite the limitations, uses her keen observation and deduction skills to investigate, uncovering hidden rivalries, past conflicts, and potential motives among the guests.
  • Chapter 8: Clues in the Mist: Hidden messages, seemingly insignificant items, and subtle behavioral changes provide subtle clues for Dodo to decipher.
  • Chapter 9: Facing the Killer: Confronting the suspects and piecing together the clues, Dodo exposes the true culprit and their motive, bringing justice amidst the eerie moorland setting.

Part 4: Resolution and Beyond

  • Chapter 10: Justice Served, Peace Restored: With the mystery solved and the killer apprehended, a sense of normalcy returns, albeit changed by the events.
  • Chapter 11: A Haunting Reminder: The experience leaves a lasting mark on Dodo, highlighting the enduring mysteries and hidden darkness that sometimes lie beneath the surface.


  • Chapter 12: Back to London, But Not the Same: Returning to London, Dodo carries the lessons learned and perhaps hints at future challenges and mysteries awaiting her.

Remember, this is purely speculative based on common tropes and limited information. The actual plot and chapter titles might differ significantly when the book releases.

If you have any further information about the book’s plot or specific events, I might be able to provide a more tailored breakdown.

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Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the incredible global of analyzing at the age of 10. The woman in no way have emerge as the equal. She wolfed each without a doubt considered certainly one of Christie’s novels she need to get her hands on. Mysteries live her favored style even to nowadays – consequently it handiest made sense to create my very own.

Growing up internal England, Ann graduated university with honors, every in Education in addition to French. While she changed into foreign places, she taught English in France she have turn out to be familiar with the love of her lifestyles, her Californian husband. He end up married in London and then they relocated to California following her commencement.

Along with their growing family, they hopped for the duration of within the United States, subsequently choosing the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

After experimenting with writing over some years, Ann ultimately commenced out in complete-on writing even as her youngest elderly in the middle of college. 

Covid lockdowns driven Ann to jot right down to a better diploma and, as a stop cease result, modified into born the maximum-company Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Up to this point, multiple hundred, 000 copies had been provided or have a look at thru KU.

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