Murder Spoils The Fair Book 8 By Ann Sutton

Murder Spoils the Fair Book 8 By Ann SuttonA major national honest with a useless model. Do you believe you studied Dodo discover the wrongdoer before the honest is closed?

The mythical British Empire Fair of 1924 is scheduled to be officially inaugurated by means of the King at the modern-day Wembley Stadium and Lady Dorothea Dorchester, Dodo, has been invited.

The entire honest aims to enhance morale following the tragic World War and the planning and preparations had been in manner for a long term. Much is on the line based on its success.

The largest cleaning soap producer in England is being supplied the hazard for website hosting an art exhibition and, following a nationwide hunt for the 10 maximum stunning women in Britain after which they’ve built an extravagant “palace” so that it will exhibit stay fashions of well-known girls from history and will also symbolize the modern-day lady. Dodo has won the opportunity to get dressed Miss 1924 with models from the House of Dubois for whom she is a fashion guru.

The fair has barely started out when tragedy occurs. A model has been killed. Do you watched Dodo find out the offender earlier than the poor press closes the fair?

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The main chapters of “Murder Spoils The Fair” by Ann Sutton. The book is scheduled for release later in 2024, and specific plot details and chapter titles haven’t been revealed yet.

However, based on Ann Sutton’s previous works in the “A Dodo Dorchester Mystery” series, we can make some educated guesses about the potential main chapters:

Part 1: The Fairground and its Secrets

  • Chapter 1: An Invitation to Intrigue: Dodo receives an invitation to a grand country fair, setting the stage for the festive atmosphere and potential mysteries.
  • Chapter 2: A Cast of Curious Characters: Introduces the diverse characters involved in the fair, including stallholders, performers, and visitors, each with their own secrets and motivations.
  • Chapter 3: Shadows Beneath the Laughter: Despite the joyful festivities, an undercurrent of tension or hidden conflicts emerges, hinting at darker secrets.

Part 2: Murder Disrupts the Fun

  • Chapter 4: A Deadly Performance: A murder takes place during a key event at the fair, shattering the merriment and throwing everyone into suspicion.
  • Chapter 5: Lies and Alibi Games: Dodo embarks on her investigation, uncovering hidden agendas, alibis that don’t hold up, and past feuds among the fair participants.
  • Chapter 6: Clues Scattered Among the Rides: Dodo follows a trail of evidence hidden among the fairground attractions, analyzing alibis, deciphering cryptic messages, and uncovering hidden objects.

Part 3: Unmasking the Culprit

  • Chapter 7: Putting the Pieces Together: Dodo connects the dots, revealing inconsistencies in alibis, hidden connections between suspects, and the true motive behind the murder.
  • Chapter 8: A Confrontation Under the Big Top: In a dramatic climax, Dodo confronts the killer in a fittingly theatrical setting, exposing their actions and bringing them to justice.
  • Chapter 9: Justice Served, Fair Restored: The mystery is solved, the culprit is apprehended, and the fair can resume its festivities with a newfound sense of peace.


  • Chapter 10: Beyond the Fairground: Dodo reflects on the experience, the importance of community, and perhaps hints at future adventures beyond the fairgrounds.

Remember, this is purely speculative based on common mystery tropes and Ann Sutton’s previous works. The actual chapters and plot details might differ significantly.

I hope this helps! If you have any further information about the book’s plot or specific events, I might be able to provide a more tailored breakdown.

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Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the sector of reading at 10. The lady wasn’t the equal. She wolfed every considered one of Christie’s books that she should find. Mysteries stay her most cherished style even to this present day – therefore it most effective made feel to create my own.

Growing up from England, Ann graduated university with honors: Education as well as French. While she turned into overseas, she taught English in France she became familiar with the affection of her lifestyles, a Californian husband. Wed in London and then moved to California after she graduated.

Together with their increasing family, they hopped throughout in the United States, eventually settling on the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

While experimenting with writing in the course of time, Ann in the end began in severe writing whilst her son elderly inside the center of school. Covid lockdowns pushed Ann to write down lots more severely, and consequently got here the first-rate-selling Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Up so far, greater than a hundred, 000 copies had been sold or study through KU.

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