Murder Takes A Swing Book 9 By Ann Sutton

High stakes and darkish secrets, murder and chaos. Will Dodo find the offender of Rupert’s polo participant without risking their love for each different?

in Murder Takes A Swing, Dodo Dorchester discovers herself stuck up within the world of glamourous Polo whilst one among her love pastimes’ teammates is killed simply when they gained their first recreation of the season.

The sport of kings because the backdrop This gripping and irresistible page-turner will keep your inside the motive force’s seat as Rupert’s circle of relatives and co-workers end up the primary suspects in this recreation of mystery codes.

Dodo will need to use her talents to get to the bottom of the internet of lies and betrayal that could screen all Rupert believed he knew about his acquaintances. Can she remedy the mystery before the murderer comes again? Do they have the potential to undergo the strain?

Awe-inspiring and full of suspense, this wonderful Nineteen Twenties cozy thriller takes readers lower back in time to a interesting international of adventure and chance in order to keep you in the driving force’s seat until the final moment of suspense.

For folks that love traditional homicide mysteries and historic detective stories This is a novel you should not pass. Grab your mallet and get involved within the amusing the stakes are very excessive, and the clues are extraordinarily risky.

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Murder Takes A Swing: Main Chapters (Based on available information)

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the complete contents of the book “Murder Takes A Swing” by Ann Sutton. However, based on online sources and my understanding of typical cozy mystery structures, here’s a possible breakdown of the main chapters:

Part 1: Setting the Stage

  • Chapter 1: A Winning Start: Introduces Dodo Dorchester, her romantic interest(s), and their involvement in the polo scene. The team celebrates a victory, setting the stage for the upcoming events.
  • Chapter 2: Beneath the Surface: Explores the glamorous world of polo, introducing key characters like teammates, rivals, and socialites. Hints at potential conflicts and hidden tensions.
  • Chapter 3: A Deadly Blow: The murder of a teammate occurs, shattering the celebratory atmosphere and plunging everyone into suspicion.

Part 2: The Investigation Deepens

  • Chapter 4: Secrets in the Stables: Dodo delves into the victim’s life, uncovering secrets, rivalries, and hidden agendas among teammates and other suspects.
  • Chapter 5: Motives and Malice: Interviews with suspects reveal their motivations, alibis, and potential connections to the victim. Dodo navigates a web of lies and conflicting stories.
  • Chapter 6: A Dangerous Game: As Dodo gets closer to the truth, she faces danger and attempts to thwart the killer’s plans. The stakes rise as she uncovers deeper secrets and hidden connections.

Part 3: Unmasking the Killer

  • Chapter 7: The Pieces Fall into Place: Dodo puts together the clues, revealing inconsistencies and red herrings. She identifies the true culprit and their motive.
  • Chapter 8: A Confrontation at High Noon (or Tea Time): In a dramatic showdown, Dodo confronts the killer, exposing their actions and bringing them to justice. The truth is revealed, and the mystery is solved.

Part 4: Resolution and Aftermath

  • Chapter 9: Healing and Hope: Dodo and her loved ones face the emotional impact of the events. The community grapples with the aftermath of the murder.
  • Chapter 10: A New Chapter Begins: Dodo reflects on her experiences and looks ahead to future adventures, perhaps hinting at the next mystery to come.

Remember, this is just a possible structure based on common elements in cozy mysteries. The actual chapter titles and content might differ in the book.

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About the writer
Ann Sutton

Agatha Christie plunged Ann Sutton into the top notch global of reading at the age of 10 years vintage. The woman wasn’t the equal. She devoured all of Christie’s novels she should get her arms on. Mysteries remain her favorite genre even to at the moment – therefore it best made experience that she’d finally create my very own.

Growing up inside England, Ann graduated university with honors, each in Education as well as French. While abroad, she taught English in France she have become acquainted with the affection of her life, her Californian husband. Wed in London after which they relocated to California following her commencement.

Along with their increasing circle of relatives, they hopped throughout within the United States, ultimately settling in the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

While experimenting with writing during time, Ann ultimately started in full-on writing when her youngest commenced middle school. Covid lockdowns pushed her to pursue her writing to a higher level and, as a end result, become born the most-seller Dodo Dorchester Mystery Series. Up to this point, greater than 100, 000 copies were bought or read on KU.

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