The Evil Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil Book 1) By Gena Showalter

The Evil Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil Book 1) By Gena Showalter – Once Upon a Time meets Game of Thrones in New York Times bestseller Gena Showalter’s captivating, romantic darkish fantasy novel that exhibits how the fairy testimonies we have come to recognize and love are predictions of the future.

Hello and welcome to the Forest of Good and Evil wherein villains may be heroes and heroes is probably villains…It’s far all depending on who you’re asking.

In the world of Enchantia the mythical creatures stay, magic stays the everyday, and fairytales are authentic.

In the human global, Everly Morrow has no idea that she’s a fairy-story princess until she starts off evolved to communicate with mirrors. Then, a shocking revelation is made. She’s fated to turn out to be Snow White’s maximum formidable foe The Evil Queen.

With powers which are beyond her control or creativeness, Everly returns to the area in which she changed into born. She encounters Roth Charmaine, the intended Prince Charming. Their attraction is plain but, their romance isn’t a success. 

When Everly suffers from betrayals and mishaps and betrayals, permitting her wicked side becomes extra appealing. Will she be capable of withstand? Or will she be the scumbag she turned into made to be?

Critics adore the Evil Queen:

“Showalter (the Ever life books) is a amusing series debut that slams discrimination while selling self-willpower. Romance-candy and steamy, homosexual and directly-functions prominently, movement and humor abound, and the mystery of the way each character figures into the legend imparts intrigue.”–Publishers Weekly

“The novel’s premise is complete of potential in its transforming of a classic fairy story, an intriguing technique to evil and correct as being a result of movements instead of destiny, and an in depth listing of characters with constantly changing roles that make readers wonder what their position is meant to be. .”– Review: Kirkus Review

The Forest of Good and Evil Series:

The Evil Queen

The Glass Queen

The Evil Queen is awe-inspiring with unlimited power over thoughts, frame and soul. She trips to her birthplace and then meets Rothe Charmaine. The prince is assumed to be a likely capacity match for her. They both are attracted to 1 however their romance is destined to fail. 

She is confronted with many difficult conditions in addition to betrayals, disasters, and mishaps. She continues enhancing herself from darkish to light, and will become more appealing and attractive. The suspense builds when she comes to a decision to resist or end up a villain at the very last.

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“The Evil Queen” by Gena Showalter is a captivating fantasy novel that introduces readers to a world filled with magic, kingdoms, and a battle between good and evil. Although I don’t have access to specific chapter titles or content, I can provide you with an overview of the general plot and themes found in this book.

The story revolves around the character of Everly Morrow, a young woman who has grown up in the magical kingdom of Enchantia. In this world, there exists a stark division between the good and evil forces, embodied by the Queen of Light and the Queen of Darkness, respectively.

Everly discovers that she is the long-lost daughter of the evil queen, Malvina, which makes her the heir to the throne of darkness. However, Everly has been raised in the light, far removed from her mother’s dark legacy. When she learns about her true lineage, she faces a critical choice that will determine her destiny and the fate of the kingdom.

Throughout the book, Everly navigates a complex web of secrets, betrayals, and alliances as she grapples with her identity and the power that comes with being the heir to the evil queen. Alongside her journey, she encounters various magical creatures, dangerous challenges, and a potential romance that complicates her decisions.

While I cannot provide specific chapter titles or details from “The Evil Queen,” the story likely progresses through various chapters that unravel Everly’s quest for self-discovery, her struggles to reconcile her dual nature, and the overarching conflict between light and darkness in the kingdom of Enchantia.

For a comprehensive understanding of the chapter structure and the intricate plot within “The Evil Queen,” I recommend referring to the book itself or seeking official synopses, reviews, or summaries available through book retailers or author websites. These sources can offer more specific insights into the chapters and storyline of “The Evil Queen.”

About Author:

Gena Showalter is one of the pinnacle bestsellers via The New York Times and USA Today. She has been the most famous writer because of her lovely and emotional series The Forest of Good and Evil. She is a worthy creator who will rip your soul when you start to study this collection.

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