The Gang (Penny Green Series Book 9) By Emily Organ

The Gang (Penny Green Series Book 9) By Emily Organ – London 1885. A gang of girl thieves are pursuing the rich shoppers in Piccadilly and no one appears to be to have the ability in stopping them. As the anger grows and our bodies of a female is dragged off her body and thrown into River Thames. 

The reporter Penny Green has a lot to write down about, but she is faced with a new problem when an unknown character involves her with a puzzle. Could or not it’s the beginning of an alleged murder?

The clock is ticking for Penny the instant she gets married to Inspector Blakely will mark the ultimate in her Fleet Street profession. This thriller can be the closing one she’s concerned in and isn’t always with out dangers. Someone is determined to make certain that Penny does now not make it to her wedding ceremony in any way.

The Gang of St Bride’s is Book nine inside the Penny Green Mystery Series set in Eighties London. It is feasible to read the books in any order

  • Book 1 – Limelight
  • Book 2 – The Rookery
  • Book 3 – The Maid’s Secret
  • Book 4 – The Inventor
  • Book 5 – Curse of the Poppy
  • Book 6 – The Bermondsey Poisoner
  • Book 7 – An Unwelcome Guest
  • Book 8 – Death at the Workhouse
  • Book 9 – The Gang of St Bride’s
  • Book 10 – Murder in Ratcliffe

Must Read: Andrew Child, Andy Weir, Elin Hilderbrand, Emily Organ, Erin Johnson & J. K. Rowling  

However, I can give you a general idea of what main chapters in a mystery novel might typically involve:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Case

  • Penny Green encounters a new challenge or situation that demands her attention.
  • The initial mystery or conflict is introduced, setting the stage for the narrative.

Chapter 2: Investigation Commences

  • Penny begins her investigation, gathering clues and speaking with relevant individuals.
  • Initial hurdles or complications arise, hinting at the complexity of the case.

Chapter 3: Uncovering Clues

  • Penny uncovers significant information or evidence, gradually piecing together aspects of the mystery.
  • New leads, suspects, or unexpected revelations may surface, adding depth to the investigation.

Chapter 4: Rising Tensions

  • The stakes increase as Penny faces unforeseen obstacles or developments.
  • Suspense intensifies, and the investigation becomes more intricate.

Chapter 5: Climactic Events

  • The investigation reaches a crucial juncture with crucial confrontations or revelations.
  • Penny might encounter personal risks or dilemmas while seeking resolution.

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Resolution

  • Penny unravels the truth behind the mystery, tying up loose ends and solving the case.
  • The story culminates in a satisfying resolution, potentially paving the way for future adventures.

Please understand that this is a generic outline of typical chapter structures found in mystery novels and may not precisely mirror the chapter divisions or events in “The Gang (Penny Green Series Book 9)” by Emily Organ.

Each book within a series features its unique plot twists, character developments, and specific details that contribute to the overall narrative. If you’re interested in reading the book, I recommend obtaining a copy from a bookstore, library, or authorized online retailers to experience the complete story.

Emily Organ

If you’re a fan of newbie girl detectives and bygone instances, then check my novels! I enjoy writing homicide mysteries where brave heroines are capable of discover the offender. In the Eighteen Eighties, or Twenties, those women have as a way to rely on their intuition – there is no forensics understanding or technological realize-a way to help them!

The Penny Green series follows the research, trials and upstate happened inside the life of Victorian journalist Penny Green. Being one of the very first female reporter in Fleet Street, she has her work reduce out for her.

The Churchill and Pemberley comfortable thriller series is ready senior sleuths Annabel Churchill together with Doris Pemberley. They have a blended age of 140, and an affinity for cakes and hilarious slapstick incidents, they manipulate to escape the village constabulary.

The protagonist of my most modern novel The principal character in my most up-to-date series is Augusta Peel, a bookish and sleuth who has an enigmatic historical past. What secrets may she be retaining?

My mysteries are all clean, clean and exciting to examine. Some encompass charming ancient element too. I hope you may experience them!

Find out extra facts at emilyorgan.Com.

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