The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

 The Life We Bury – Student at the university Joe Talbert has the modest aim of finishing an venture in writing for his English elegance. His undertaking is to speak with a person new and write a brief biographical comic strip of the character. 

With closing dates drawing near, Joe heads to a nearby nursing facility to discover a person who’s inclined to be interviewed. Then he encounters Carl Iverson, and soon the whole lot in Joe’s lifestyles will ever the same. 

Carl is an ailing Vietnam veteran, and a assassin who become convicted. With only a few weeks to live, he’s been granted medical parole into a nursing home following being imprisoned for thirty years for a rape crime and murder.

When Joe writes about Carl’s story and specifically his bravery for the duration of Vietnam however he is not able to reconcile the heroic movements of the soldier against the deplorable movements of the convict. 

In the employer of his skeptic neighbor, Lila, Joe throws himself into revealing the fact. As threads are woven Joe starts to get to the bottom of the tapestry that surrounds Carl’s case. 

However, as Joe and Lila look into the reasons in the back of the murder and find extra info, the stakes get better. What will manifest if Joe uncover his truth prior to it being too late to keep away from the aftermath?


Allen Eskens: Acclaimed Author of Mystery and Suspense

Allen Eskens is an American author best known for his gripping mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. Here’s a summary of his achievements and background:


  • Award-winning: Eskens is a recipient of prestigious awards like the Barry Award (twice), Minnesota Book Award, Rosebud Award, and Silver Falchion Award. He has also been nominated for the Edgar Award, Thriller Award, and Anthony Award.
  • Bestselling author: His novels, including “The Life We Bury,” “The Guise of Another,” and “The Deep Dark Descending,” have achieved bestseller status, captivating readers worldwide.
  • Translated across languages: Eskens’ works have been translated into a remarkable 26 languages, showcasing their universal appeal.


  • Former lawyer: Before pursuing writing full-time, Eskens had a successful career as a criminal defense attorney, bringing valuable legal insights to his storytelling.
  • Education: He holds degrees in journalism, law, and creative writing, showcasing his well-rounded expertise.
  • Current life: After practicing law for 25 years, Eskens now resides in Minnesota with his wife and enjoys a thriving writing career.

Writing style:

  • Compelling characters: Eskens excels at crafting complex and believable characters who draw readers into the story.
  • Intricate plots: His novels are known for their suspenseful and fast-paced narratives, often exploring moral dilemmas and dark secrets.
  • Sense of place: Eskens masterfully evokes the atmosphere of his settings, adding depth and realism to his stories.

If you’re interested in learning more about Allen Eskens, here are some resources:

I hope this information provides a comprehensive overview of Allen Eskens and his literary achievements. Please let me know if you have any further questions or want to explore specific aspects of his work!

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