The Rookery (Penny Green Series Book 2) By Emily Organ

The Rookery (Penny Green Series Book 2) By Emily Organ – There’s a assassin in the urban slums.

Book 2 inside the Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series.

A thief is capable of rob Fleet Street reporter Penny Green and she or he is being entangled in a terrible homicide.

Someone is causing terror to people dwelling at St Giles Rookery and Scotland Yard assigns the Inspector James Blakely to investigate. If the serial killer is located to have claimed an harmless sufferer within the Slums Victorian London becomes a chaos.

Will Penny’s friendship with residents from St Giles uncover the culprit? James and James have to conquer their hard relationship to cooperate However, every new crime is threatening to thwart their efforts to make a distinction.

What do readers think of Penny Green:

  • “A Victorian Delight!”
  • “Good easy mystery in an exciting historic putting”
  • “If you are surprising with the Penny Green Series, acquaint yourselves without delay!”
  • “Interesting, complicated, believable characters”
  • “I discovered myself enthralled with the aid of Penny Green”
  • “An brilliant lady lead man or woman”
  • “I become engrossed from beginning to end”
  • “If you want Agatha Christie books you’ll like this one”
  • “I am awestruck by Ms. Organ’s storytelling extremely exciting!”
  • “Very robust thriller set in a completely thrilling time and location”
  • “Ms. Organ takes you internal Penny’s world by means of enchanting descriptions and ideal storytelling”
  • “I am very thrilled with how this collection is turning into one among my favorites!”
  • “Read the books in this series …. Assure you might not be upset!”
  • “A wonderful study that has an interesting twist on the very give up. Emily simply maintains getting higher and better on this tale.”

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The Rookery is Book 2 in the Penny Green Mystery Series set in Eighties London. It is feasible to read the books in any order

  • Book 1 – Limelight
  • Book 2 – The Rookery
  • Book 3 – The Maid’s Secret
  • Book 4 – The Inventor
  • Book 5 – Curse of the Poppy
  • Book 6 – The Bermondsey Poisoner
  • Book 7 – An Unwelcome Guest
  • Book 8 – Death on the Workhouse
  • Book 9 – The Gang of St Bride’s
  • Book 10 – Murder in Ratcliffe
  • Book 11 – The Egyptian Mystery

Also available:

The Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series: Books 1-three (The Penny Green Series Boxset Book 1)

The Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series: Books 4-6 (The Penny Green Series Boxset Book 2)

The Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series: Books 7-9 (The Penny Green Series Boxset Book three)

Main Character:

I can provide you with an outline of the main chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Arrival

  • Penny Green, the protagonist, encounters a new case or situation that demands her attention.
  • Introduces the main conflict or mystery that will drive the plot forward.

Chapter 2: The Investigation Begins

  • Penny delves deeper into the case, gathering clues and interviewing suspects or witnesses.
  • She faces initial challenges or obstacles that she must overcome.

Chapter 3: Uncovering Clues

  • Penny discovers significant information or evidence that sheds light on the mystery.
  • The stakes of the case become higher, raising the tension.

Chapter 4: Twists and Turns

  • Unexpected developments or plot twists arise, complicating Penny’s investigation.
  • She faces setbacks or encounters new suspects that add complexity to the case.

Chapter 5: The Climax

  • The tension reaches its peak as Penny gets closer to solving the mystery.
  • Confrontations or revelations occur, leading to a dramatic turning point.

Chapter 6: Resolution

  • Penny unravels the mystery, exposing the truth behind the case.
  • Loose ends are tied up, and the story concludes with a satisfying resolution.

Remember, this is a general outline based on typical narrative structures and may not reflect the exact chapter divisions or events in “The Rookery (Penny Green Series Book 2)” by Emily Organ. If you’re interested in reading the book, I recommend purchasing it or checking it out from a library or bookstore.

Emily Organ

If you are a fan of amateur lady detectives and eras gone via, don’t forget studying my novels! I revel in writing homicide mysteries that see brave heroines discover a way to clear up the thriller. It doesn’t depend if it’s within the Eighteen Eighties or Twenties, these ladies have to rely upon their personal wits, now not forensics, or sophisticated technology to resource them!

The Penny Green collection follows the trials, u.S.A.And downs that passed off inside the existence of Victorian News reporter Penny Green. As one of the earliest woman newshounds to be based on Fleet Street, she has her paintings reduce out for her.

The Churchill and Pemberley comfy mystery collection is ready seniors sleuthing duo Annabel Churchill as well as Doris Pemberley. With an average age of a hundred and forty years and an obsession with cakes and slapstick The duo manages to conquer down the village constabulary.

The foremost person of my state-of-the-art tale The primary individual in my most up-to-date collection is Augusta Peel, a bookish and sleuth who has unsettling history. What secrets and techniques might she be maintaining?

My mysteries are all simple, smooth and exciting to examine. Some include charming historical detail too. I wish you like them!

Find out greater on emilyorgan.Com.

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