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It is the Punjab School Education Department offers a the public with a free Urdu class 2 PDF that is based on the One National Curriculum at the start of every academic year. 

In the class 2 there are five textbooks that include Urdu Grade 2 English Grade 2 Mathematics Grade 2, General Knowledge Grade 2, and Islamiat Grade 2 based on a single-nation syllabus (Punjab Textbook Board). Scroll down for the Urdu class Two textbook available for download available in pdf formats.

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It is generally acknowledged that education is an important component in the development of a nation. A common curriculum across the nation is a constant aim of all sections of society. 

The present government has made this its top priority. The creation of the Single National Curriculum to teach Urdu Class Two  is the fulfillment of the One Nation’s vision.

Coursework of Urdu Class 2, PDF based on a Single National Curriculum

The Punjab School Education Department has its syllabus to Urdu class Two students, based on the single nation Curriculum. A syllabus to prepare for Urdu Class 2 is given below.

  1. Hamad
  2. Naat
  3. Hamare Piyare Rasool SAW
  4. Bano Ka Toota
  5. Samaj Dar Bacha
  6. Chidia or Chuha
  7. Tare
  8. Qaid e Azam
  9. Seer ek Shehr Ki
  10. Mehnat Kerne Wale
  11. Ao bijli Bachaein
  12. Mera Piyara Watan

In accordance with prioritized SLOs the textbook for Urdu Class 2 is designed by the Punjab Textbook Board. An Panel of International Reviewers reviewed the Urdu Class 2 book. 

PTB’s team of experts PTB is also figured out how to write an Urdu textbook that is educational for Class Two by collaborating together with PTB.

Download Urdu Class 2 PDF Based on Single National Curriculum

Here’s a URL for downloading your copy of the Urdu class 2 SNC PDF book for free.



Making the Urdu Classroom Two textbook is a project for teachers and students in accordance with the needs of our society. 

However, your valuable suggestions are needed to improve the quality of this textbook. Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comment box located at the bottom.

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